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Create a cross-game avatar from a single selfie photo in 15 seconds that you can use in more then 2000 games and metaverses.


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NFT Gaming

While NFT gaming is booming and crypto games are becoming incredibly popular, our team is creating a technology that combines them with metaverse projects and an open source NFT marketplace on one platform to experience blood-pumping emotions never seen before. Trading virtual land and merchandise from many worlds, play and earn, guild raids, clans and tournaments. Multiple high quality game titles in epic lores mixed with crypto and NFT loot rewards. 

Use, buy, sell or trade unique avatars and let the multidimensional Megacity take you into unforgettable adventures to play and earn in, Battle Royale,  PVP, PVE, Crypto Duels,  MMORPG, strategy games, FPP shooters and many more. Enjoy seasons, special events, loot boxes and educate yourself how to make more money in gaming, crypto and metaverse. You’ve had enough? Maybe it’s time to rest, relax, reload your adrenaline levels and play some mini games or just go to the local bar on a date… or perhaps to meet some new clan mates while waiting for an interview to get a new NFT job in one of the companies from the Megacity business district. The possibilities in NFT Gaming Multi-Metaverse are endless as the content will constantly grow to deliver more and more exiting NFTs, games and metaverses.

As we progress on the roadmap please don’t forget to follow all our media channels. We are preparing , whitelistings,  airdorps, giveaways, unique merch and you don’t want to miss that. See you soon in the Megacity.


This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

Q.3 2021 First Concept Creation
Q.4 2021 Whitepaper v1
Q.4 2021 New Partnerships
Q.1 2022 Private Sales
Q.2 2022 New technology integrations
Q2.2022 New investor(s) / Partners
Q2.2022 NFT Gaming Platform Concept
Q.2 2022 Megacity Teaser
Q.2 2022 Team Expansion
Q.2 2022 Partnerships with Metaverse Creators, Game Studios and Web3 Guilds
Q.3 2022 Whitepaper v2 & Website v3
Q.3 2022 Initial Dex Offering & CEX registrations
Q.3 2022 Pitch Deck v3
Q.3 2022 Cross-Game avatars technology testing
Q.3 2022 Partnerships with high profile celebrities and investors
Q.4 2022 Lands of Azadi - Play to Earn MMO NFT Game Demo Release (PC, Android, iOS)
Q.4 2022 Megacity - Release (PC, Android, iOS)
Q.4 2022 Integration with New Games and Metaverses
Q.1 2023 Further global expansion
Q.2 2023 Forex Market

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