Play-to-Earn NFT gaming using NFTs (non fungable tokens as a basis for playing) are most popular in India, Hong Kong and UAE and Phillipines the latest survey shows. 34 % of people participating in the survey said they have already played such a game!


India with 33.8% is the winner of the survey, Hong Kong 28.7% placed second, UAE 27.3% placed third and Phillippines 25% placed forth making Asia the most popular Play-to-Earn continent in the world.




For other countries, a survey by shows that P2E NFT games are remarkably popular in developing countries. Among the countries that stand out are the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brazil, with rates of 25%, 23%, 22,7%, 19% and 18% respectively.




Along with the geographic location of P2E gamers, the survey also looks at the age groups most likely to play NFT games.

According to a's research, under-35 year olds are leaders in NFT P2E Gaming, with a global average of 18% in this age group reporting to have played such a game. Once again, India topped the list, with 2% of 18-34 year olds in the country reporting playing the NFT play to earn game.

Looking at this age group alone, Singapore ranks second among the countries with the highest adoption rates. According to the survey, 35.5% of Singaporeans aged 18-34 said they have played an NFT game.Third place among young NFT players was again the United Arab Emirates, where 35% of the youngest age group admitted that they had played.

The same countries had adoption rates of 27%, 17% and 26% among respondents over the age of 55. The country with the highest adoption rate in this age group is Hong Kong (33%) research was conducted among internet users in 26 countries. The sample size for each country ranged from 1K to 3,8K users and was directly proportional to the size of the population.

It is incredible how fast Play-to-Earn NFT Gaming is spreading worldwide. As the Ready4Player NFT Gaming platfrom is preparing to set new standards and trends in P2E gaming quality, gameplay fun and variety of games, please make sure to apply today for a P2E scholarship in one of the NFT P2E guilds that cooparate with the project to avoid long waiting lists or rejction due to limited capabilities in the early stage of the project.





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