A variety of Web 3.0 games have been developed that are clearly aimed at women, thanks in large part to what the GameFi industry expects

According to a recent research by the Entertainment Software Association, women make up close to half of all players globally. As reported by Cointelegraph, a recent study by the Entertainment Software Association found that almost half of American gamers identify as female. Additionally, about half of all players globally are women, according to reports. The level of enthusiasm that women have demonstrated in the multibillion dollar gaming sector is noteworthy. This, along with the massive expansion that the GameFi sector anticipated, has been a significant driving force behind the creation of several Web3 games that are especially geared toward female gamers. According to Beryl Chavez Li, co-founder of Yield Guild Games, a global play-to-earn gaming community, female participation in blockchain-based games has started to increase. “Although statistics show that play-to-earn games appeal more to male users, we believe that more women will start to take an interest,” she said.

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Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, also discussed the relationship between finance and Web3 games with Cointelegraph. He claimed that over time, this will organically attract people from different backgrounds to the area highlighted by Cointelegraph. Nevertheless, he believes that women in particular will be drawn because of their tendency toward higher financial responsibility. This is particularly true in developing countries, where women control a substantial portion of microfinance, and more specifically, microlending.

Web3 games include elements that encourage female involvement

Many Web3 games are being developed with the intention of capturing the attention of a largely female audience. One free play-to-earn mobile game that lets users build their own fashion company is called Fashion League. According to Theresia Le Battistini, CEO and founder of Fashion League, the game enables players to design virtual clothing lines that could be sold as real clothes in the future. The Fashion League advisory board member Chavez Li remarked that a lot of Web3 games lack vision and instead focus on first- and third-person shootings. She said that Fashion League encourages people to create digital products that could eventually evolve into sellable NFTs. Then, according to her, in-game currency could be exchanged for tokens that could be converted to fiat. Chavez Li said that social interaction and competitiveness between players might take place during events like fashion shows, giving the game a competitive element. “Through a fun game, we are empowering the creator economy. Users can gain more points the more they participate. Then, in-game money could be exchanged for tokens that could be transferred to fiat” , according to her. “We believe that everything will be gamified in the future, as our statistics have found that the gaming market will exceed $300 billion by 2027. Web3 games need to be inclusive.”

One of the most crucial aspects of the Web3 game, according to Lenny Pettersson, acting CEO of “My Neighbor Alice” and chief operating officer of Sweden-based mobile game studio Antler Interactive, is player participation and in-game contacts. According to Pettersson, the game enables players to accumulate resources to jointly construct an archipelago. In the game’s Discord channel, Pettersson said that player cooperation has already been obvious; players send images and notes describing, for instance, the finest places to fish.Given this level of interaction in the community, Pettersson said that My Neighbor Alice drew a lot of its inspiration from classic games that were well-liked by its female target demographic. He mentioned the importance of the art style, for instance, in this situation. It is intentional for the artwork to have a playful, vibrant style. There list of web3 games that attracts woman attention is getting longer everyday and we can expect it to enlarge greatly in the the upcoming future.


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