Creative Director
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Gregg is passionate about using creative vision, leadership and strategy to take players, viewers and fans on powerful journeys. He created campaigns, commercials, series and narrative IP for studios like Disney, National Geographic, Fox, and for shows such as Game of Thrones, House of Cards and Family Guy. He studied film production at the International Film School in Cape Town, post production and VFX at post-graduate level at the National Film School in the UK, and professional screenwriting through UCLA Film School. He led diverse global teams of artists, writers, designers, and technicians, while helping to foster environments of world-class creativity and innovation. He is now obsessed with Web3 technology, and the potential for new forms of ownership and participation for players, creators and fans, while building new worlds, platforms and creative IP. Gregg's world-class broad experience guarantees unforgettable emotions for gamers, quality of our productions and development of the whole Ready4Player Gaming Ecosystem. Have a glimpse of Gregg's magic using the video link below.

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