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Joao is a video producer with over ten years of experience in the audiovisual industry, Joao specialized in storytelling and animation thanks to a diverse career in the marketing and film industry. Enthusiast about programing and AI, his master degree in physics is a great asset when modeling complex animations and bringing eccentric ideas to life. A passion for story-driven videogames and new technologies led him into the 3D world where he searches new challenges to continuously develop his skills.

His animation and composing works include movies for producers Sony Pictures, Buriti films and Globo. Commercials production for Uber and WWF, and directing short documentaries for Brazilian music artists such as Scalene, Tiago Iorc, Anavitoria and Manu Gavassi.

When he's not writing visual stories or exploring videogames he likes to study new languages, master tabletop rpg, customize motorcycles, and occasionally tattoo himself.

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