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Konrad has a Master's degree in Classical Arts and Humanities with a focus on Creative Writing from the University of Missouri and a Digital Archaeology certificate from Lund University in Sweden. He has given more than ten academic conference presentations and public lectures at universities around the world on topics ranging from using video games in the college classroom to trade relations between Varangians and steppe nomads in the early medieval period.
In 2017, he founded a publishing company named Kaptain Viciorious Grimoire (KVG). He has published many short stories and novellas in the fantasy and historical fiction genres. Konrad’s thesis at the University of Missouri, The Dragon of Skyros, is a novella set in the 9th century CE that explores the cross-cultural connections between different medieval worlds through mythology. Konrad has had two of his dramatic works performed by theater companies in the United States in 2018 and 2020. He has also created a great deal of tabletop RPG content for Call of Cthulhu and Dungeons and Dragons systems.
Over the past five years, KVG has transformed into an indie game studio that has released six video games (as of December 2022) focused on narrative and storytelling. For KVG Konrad has served as the Narrative Designer for all of their releases as well as taking up other roles such as game developer, quest writer, level designer, and voice actor. His latest video game is El Cid & the Cult of the Wasteland, a JRPG set in medieval Spain with a cosmic horror twist. Konrad's experience in writing and narrative design will help to create amazing quest lines and stories in Ready4Player productions.

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