2D/3D Artist
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Olha holds Master Degree of Architecture with a specialization in Architecture-Designer and a Master of Computer Graphics (Specialization in applied graphics). She has associated her work with modern technologies in combination with art, painting and graphics. Her main tool at work is boundless imagination and searching for various forms of expression in the projects she prepares. She created promotional materials and made illustrations for children's books for, among others, "Dom Kultury Bronowice, Tatary" in Poland. Over the years her experiences started blooming in the computer games industry. She worked remotly as a 2D Artist in AAA Game Aart Studio in Ukraine  She drew gaiming spaces and created concept Art in for computer games. For a long time she worked as a 3D designer (interiors, furniture, technical drawings). She independently learned 3D character sculpting for computer games. Olha has manual skills. She can carve and paint by hand, and I use programs such as Photoshop, Blender, Subsatance Painter, 3DsMax, DaVinci Resolve, AutoCad, Illustrator, and Unreal Engine for artistic and utility activities. She specializes in 2D illustration, 3D modeling and texturing, and at the same time she is a graphic designer with a wide range of interests. She is constantly striving for self-improvement and she likes difficult challenges. Olha is an ambitious, talented and responsible person, able to consistently meet deadlines which AAA quality game production needs. She loves multitasking, cares about the quality of her work and its artistic and functional dimension. You can check some of Olha's works at www.ktodesigner.com

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