Senior VFX Artist
Brief info

Orlando grew up playing arcade games like Mortal Combat, Street Fighter and Mario Bros and fell in love with these games, but since a fire destroyed his hometown in Central America, Guatemala, he could not focus on starting his education in the gaming industry. He decided to move to the USA to fulfill his dreams. After graduating from high school, he decided to spread his wings in the field of visual effects and motion graphics. He found that the local Art Institute in Portland, Oregon was one of the best colleges at the time to achieve his goals. Right out of college, he had one of the greatest opportunity of his life as he received an offer to be part of Halo Infiniti team as a visual effects artist. He never thought that the day of being part of a big franchise production would come in his life and it was like a dream come true for him. After finishing the work on the game, he thought it would be the end of a great career for him, but to his surprise, he was offered to help the Riot Games "Valorant" team as a Visual Effects Artist. After learning all the realistic effects techniques, he had a chance to start a new challenge. He's proud of himself that AAA games trusted him to be part of their team even though he just graduated from college, and if they trusted him, it means to him that he represents the quality the industry is looking for. Orlando's incredible story, experience in AAA game gevelopment as a VFX Artist, passion for games and persistence in pursuing his dreams represents another pillar in the Ready4Player world-class team.

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