Bachelor of Arts holder from WSB National Louis Univrsity, one of only four universities in Europe offering international degree respected around the world, including USA without nostrification at that time.  Sebastian is a Business, Marketing, Sales, Law, HR & Management, Game development and Art Direction allrounder. Multiple company owner with over 20 years of experience in business. Ex-Pro Gamer. Ex-soccer player. Former founder & president of Extreme Gaming Network – International eSports Organization. As a professional esports player he participated in many world class tournamets and won multiple trophies in US and Europe. As a leader of an esports organization he assembled a team of 70 professional champions from various countries in more then 10 games who were sponsored by Logitech. His team won mutliple trophies in major world tournaments, out of which 2nd place in Europe in Quake 4/4 Teams and 2nd place in World Championships were the biggest. He spent 5 years in USA creating his companies on the whole eastern seaboard and in Europe afterwards. He is also huge communities owner and builder with over 1 million followers and members across all media channels in gaming, employment and real estate industries. In his professional career he hired over 1000 people and was in charge of 100+ teams. He’s main area of expertise is marketing with over 20 years of experience, 12 years in online marketing and 2 years in web3 marketing .


His other most recent fields of expertise lay in next gen art direction, digital art creation, modern game development and gameplay evaluation . As a hobby Sebastian likes to play video games and he finished from start to finish more then 1000 AAA titles in almost 30 years of gaming.

Favourite quote: “You need a world-class team to achive world-class goals”


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