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Vraj grew up with a passion for gaming and fitness, which he eventually turned into a thriving social media presence across multiple platforms. After beginning his higher education at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Vraj pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration, maintaining an impressive 4.0 GPA. He honed his skills in various Adobe software, SEO, and business-related coursework, which prepared him to excel in the digital content creation space. Vraj's undeniable talent for creating engaging content led to impressive success on TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram, amassing over 4 million followers and 600 million views. As a social media influencer, he collaborated with numerous brands, such as HyperX, GFuel, and Respawn, helping them gain millions of views in exposure and generating thousands of dollars in sales. Taking his expertise further, Vraj delved into the world of social media consulting, helping clients optimize and grow their online presence. Vraj's remarkable journey in the digital content and social media space, his passion for gaming and fitness, and his relentless drive to excel make him a valuable addition to the elite Ready4Player team.

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